2018 Aurora Award Winner | Lutgert Construction
411 Code

The FHBA is proud to provide members a solution to interpreting Florida’s building code through the 411 Code program.

The 411 Code program has been a great FHBA member resource. The knowledge of the Florida Building Code and the associated appeals processes has helped us to overcome multiple challenges that were presented by various building departments across the state.  We would like to thank you for providing this service to FHBA members. We look forward to working with and learning from the 411 Code on unforeseen challenges well into the future.

Builder - Sunrise, FL

My experience working with the 411 Code program has been very helpful with our project. They very quickly got up to speed on the specifics of my issue and then figured out in short time on how best to approach the problem with the state. My customer was very impressed by the 411 Code program’s service and that I could bring to the table on their behalf. This is a valuable service provided by FHBA! It’s nice to know that we have someone we can go for help.

Builder - Springhill, FL