Future Builders of America

Natasha Cartagena-Spencer, President, natasha.cartagena@sheltermortgage.com
Wendy Dittmar, Vice President, wdittmar@mbs-corp.com

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Despite the incredible growth of Florida’s population and economy, the construction industry is facing a skilled workforce shortage. To help promote the construction industry as a great career opportunity to Florida’s future employees, visionary industry leaders created the Future Builders of America (FBA). The mission is to engage in construction educational activities and help youth understand and pursue rewarding careers construction.

FBA links students in area schools with the local building community. Guest speakers and field trips to building sites along with opportunities for summer and post-graduation employment help introduce students to rewarding opportunities in the construction industry. FBA meetings also provide for camaraderie and an opportunity for students to improve their leadership and teamwork skills.

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